Getting Our Exercise

The other day I was reading a newspaper article about restaurant trends in New York City. The author quoted a successful restaurateur as saying that hospitality is a muscle—it gets better with regular exercise.

This principle holds in many areas—after all, practice makes perfect, right? Still, I think the muscle analogy is especially fitting for the practice of giving.

Giving is a muscle that gets stronger with exercise.

komen walk

For me, taking an opportunity to be generous makes me more aware of other opportunities to give and other needs I might be able to serve.

I wonder, is there such a thing as a “giver’s high,” comparable to a “runner’s high”?

As Women4given, we’ve had four years of giving grants to non-profit organizations, which has made us stronger, more focused, and smarter at giving. The Grants Task Force is the beating heart of our body, and its strength—born of regular exercise—keeps the whole body healthy.

We exercise our bodies to stay healthy, expending rather than stockpiling the energy we get from food. We exercise to take care of the bodies God gave us.

Likewise, exercising our giving muscles helps maintain and promote the well-being of our heart, soul, and mind.

Summer is our off-season, but soon we’ll kick it into high gear. Think of a friend you’d like to exercise your giving muscles with—and bring her to W4G’s gathering on Sept. 30! Details to come.

Feel the burn!