A Special Place to Rest & Read

A Special Place to Rest & Read

Women4given Friends, remember last May when you voted to grant $6,000 to Christian Activity Center in East St. Louis to construct library space for children ages four through eight?

Well, it started out like this:

CAC library progress2 CAC library progress1









And today it looks like this:

library CAC 2015

library CAC 2015b






library CAC 2015dlibrary CAC 2015f







library CAC 2015c

library CAC 2015e







Here Pathways students, grades 6-12, read to the littlest ones at CAC. But reading is more than meets the eye, right?

Books open the door to a wide, wonderful world. A special place to rest and read–with colorful rugs and comfy bean bag chairs–will make books all the more attractive to curious young minds.

Praise God for the privilege of helping underwrite this library space!