What’s Going on with 2015 Grants? A Progress Report

What’s Going on with 2015 Grants? A Progress Report

Bonnie Fahrner, Chair of the Grants Task Force, offers this update of our 2015 grant awards:

bonnie gtf chairKids for Christ – Our grant is funding the new Bible study program at Maryville Elementary School located in Maryville, Illinois, which is part of the Collinsville School District. The first five-week session starts in the beginning of November and will conclude in December. After the session concludes, Women4given will receive a packet of information including the number of children, number of volunteers, number of children’s Bibles distributed, and other details of the program. Pictures will be included.

2015 Chances4Children thank you crop2Chances for Children – Women4given’s grant was for the orphan care program without sponsoring a particular child. Chances for Children used the funds in the four Haitian orphanages it supports, which serve 350 children by providing food, medical services, housing education, and enrichment programs.

Rebirth: East St. Louis – Rebirth has identified available houses that would be suitable for use of our grant. They are working on arrangements to purchase a house via the tax sale process and schedule.

Christian Activity Center – Sponsorships of Jalyn and Jerrica. Both of these young ladies continue to be active participants at CAC. CAC invites Women4given to schedule a tour so members can see what CAC facilities and programs have to offer the children of East St. Louis.

Christian Activity Center – Here We Grow Edible Garden. This was the first year for the program. The children grew tomatoes, zucchini, kale, greens, and peppers. One-hundred-fifty children participated in caring for garden plots–watering, weeding, and tending the gardens. When the vegetables were ripe, the children picked and washed them. They took food home. They also saw at CAC how some of the vegetables could be prepared, then ate the samples. Ten mothers participated. The garden plots are now being prepared for the fall. The program will be expanded next year to include more acreage and to offer a general community garden.CAC Here We Grow