Are you a women’s club?

We are a giving circle for women, and our main focus is awarding grants. We also organize opportunities to volunteer in the community and to fellowship with like-minded women.

sherrell wrappingWhat are you trying to accomplish?

Women4given aims to educate its members about the power of collective philanthropy, broaden awareness of issues affecting women and children, and support non-profit organizations that offer programs to assist women and children.

What is a giving circle?

A giving circle is a group of people who combine their money and decide where to donate it. Giving circles vary in size, structure, and philanthropic mission. They offer members a chance to learn more about giving and community issues. For more information about giving circles, visit the Giving Forum.

Women4given is a giving circle organized for charitable, religious, and educational purposes as a not-for-profit corporation under the laws of Illinois and is exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code.

What is Women4given’s mission statement?

We encourage generosity to serve women and children in Christian love!

What does the name “Women4given” mean?

We are an organization for women that focuses on giving. The “4given” is a play on words: we are “forgiven” by God through Jesus Christ, and we are made in God’s image “for giving.” Also, the numeral “4” represents our four key principles: we are all sinners; we are saved by the grace of God found in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ alone; we love God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength; and we love our neighbors.

Are you affiliated with a church or denomination?

We are not affiliated with a particular church or Christian denomination. Rather, we wholeheartedly welcome all women who are interested in giving grants in the name of Jesus Christ.

marion medical mission
Villagers in Malawi, Africa enjoying their new well

Is Women4given a non-profit organization?

Yes, we are a 501c3 organization, and all contributions to Women4given are tax deductible to the fullest extent permitted by law.

We also serve nonprofit organizations, with special attention to those that serve women and children.


How is the organization governed?

Women4given is governed by a seven-member board of directors who serve three-year terms. Additionally, an executive director serves as an administrator. There are no paid staff members.

How big are the grants?

Since we are a young organization—founded in October 2010—we are still getting a feel for the impact we can make with the resources we have. Our grants range in size. For example, we awarded a grant of $200 to the Violence Prevention Center for the purchase of an educational DVD collection for its clients. Just last year, we gave $5,000 to Christian Activity Center to build an after-school computer suite for elementary-grade students fully equipped with Google Chrome books. No matter the size of grant, we take the awarding of monies seriously and aim to discern the best uses of funds.

Do you do a lot of fundraising to get the money for these grants?

No, all of our revenue comes from membership and donor contributions. Women join Women4given simply by contributing a dollar a day, $365 per year, due November 1. Beyond this, we do not solicit donations from our members or engage in compulsory fundraising activities. Of course, members are welcome to give beyond the minimum $365—and many do.

How much of my contribution actually goes toward grants that serve women and children?

Our corporate bylaws dictate that no more than ten percent of the funds we collect may be used for administrative expenses. This means that at least 90% of your contribution will go toward grants for organizations that serve women and children.

gerry lindaHow does Women4given benefit its members?

When you contribute $365, as a member of Women4given you are entitled to vote on the ballot of grant awards in late spring. You, the member, generate our funds; likewise you, the member, direct our grant giving. Only those nonprofit organizations and dollar amounts that receive a majority of member votes receive funding. There are also intangible benefits to involvement, such as learning about the needs in our community, participating in volunteer activities, and reaping the joy that comes from helping others in the name of Jesus Christ.

Who decides which organizations and dollar amounts appear on the ballot?

The Grants Task Force researches and becomes acquainted with nonprofits that fit our mission, discusses their proposed projects in great detail, narrows the list down to agencies where we feel we can make a meaningful impact, and ultimately compiles and presents a ballot of worthy nonprofits. That’s where the members come in to exercise the right to vote.

blanket tying3Is the Grants Task Force an invitation-only committee?

Absolutely not. Every member is invited to join the Grants Task Force. It’s a great way to see how nonprofits work, what’s happening in our community, what needs must be met, and how important nonprofits are to the well-being of people all around us. We love nonprofits! When you join the Grants Task Force, you’ll understand why. (Here’s a hint: they’re run by passionate, caring people.)

How do I join Women4given?

Membership is open to all women who are interested and willing to uphold and further our mission through providing financial support of $365 per calendar year.

The annual membership contribution of $365 is due November 1. Or members may choose to donate their membership contributions in two semi-annual payments of $182.50, due November 1 and May 1. Gifts above the $365 membership level are welcome, as are gifts of any size from individuals who want to support our cause of making a difference in the lives of women and children.

Members whose contributions are current are eligible to exercise voting privileges regarding grant awards for a specific year; each member shall have one vote, regardless of the amount of any contribution in excess of $365.

How can members get involved?

Members are invited to serve on a variety of teams, including the Grants Task Force, Volunteer Services Team, and the Membership & Program Committee.

before after picstitch
Before & After – water sources in a village in Africa that received a new well through a grant from Women4given. Photos courtesy of Marion Medical Mission.

For more information or to ask a specific question, please send us a message.

September 26th Program

You are invited to our Women4given Program
September 26th 6:30pm
Whiteside Middle School Library
111 Warrior Way, Belleville, IL  (doors open at 6pm)

21% of the children in our state live below the poverty level, and 1 in 5 children in the metro-east don’t know where they’ll get their next meal.  These heartbreaking statistics are everyday reality for children in our community.  Join us as we learn more about this topic and set a plan in motion to help our children.

Our panelists include:

  • Michelle Burton, 5th Grade Teacher, Whiteside School
  • Jean Hasenstab, Social Worker, Whiteside School
  • Mark Peters, Director of Community Health, St. Clair County Health Department
  • Tiana Shear, Child Welfare Specialist, Lutheran Child and Family Services

Women4given has adopted Whiteside school children for the 2017-18 school year. Over 60% of children attending Whiteside school qualify for free or reduced lunches. Not only do the children need lunches, they need food when they get home. Please consider bringing food items to our Sept. program such as: (microwavable) mac & cheese, individual serve fruit cups, peanut butter and cracker packages, soup, canned spaghetti or ravioli.  Thank you in advance!


And the Winner is…

And the Winner is…

St John Bosco Children’s Center

Our $18,000 large impact grant was awarded to St John Bosco Children’s Center. This grant will be used to renovate the main kitchen/dining area of the center and purchase new appliances. The current kitchen is extremely outdated and worn, and the renovations will create an efficient yet warm and inviting area for nutritious meals to be prepared and served.  Their goal is to make the kitchen a “homey” environment for the children.  Congratulations!

St John Bosco Children’s Center-$18,000 Grant recipient

“St John Bosco Center has been on our radar for a long time.  When Ashlee shared a story about a little boy whose parents withheld food from him and he had to sit at the table watching everyone else eat, I thought, ‘that little boy needs this kitchen, he needs a safe environment, he needs the love and care he will receive from St John Bosco’.  Women4given is grateful to help with the kitchen project.” Marsha Heffner Executive Director, Women4given

w4g members listen to two finalists’ presentations

At our May 16th program both finalists shared their knowledge and passion for their nonprofit mission.  It was a difficult decision to say the least.  Although Project Compassion didn’t win the grant, they received a check for $1500 and inspired members to volunteer for their new “Compassionate Cafe and Closet” opening soon!

“The café will be open once a month, serving lunch to people who are homeless.  They can order off the menu prepared by volunteers.  Definitely a place where Women4given will volunteer.” Debbie Dodt, w4g Volunteer coordinator

If you are interested in serving a meal to someone who is homeless, let Debbie Dodt add your name to the list of w4g volunteers. debbie7780@yahoo.com (You do not have to be a member to volunteer with us.)

packaging books for mailing

The National Foundation for Ectodermal Dysplasias, received a check for $500 for our “out of the box” project, (our way of helping outside the grant box). This paid for the packaging and mailing of books for 75 children in IL, MO and Midwest areas. This book is specifically designed to encourage children affected by Ectodermal dysplasia, a genetic disorder affecting the skin, hair and teeth.

All together we granted $20,000!  We planted seeds of hope for women and children through the wonderful nonprofits who serve them. Thank you for giving and serving through Women4given!