Our Circle Grows Larger

As a tree shows its growth in rings, our circle shows its growth in giving.  We begin the next grant year with over $109,000. of giving and the inspiration we will give more.

With the start of this new season comes an opportunity to see our contributions in action with our next meeting being hosted by one of this years grant recipients –  Leu Civic Center at 213 N. Market St, in Mascoutah, September 27th, at 6:30pm.   We will be able to see children enjoying what the center offers as well as receive a tour of the ‘Homework Room’ and the Leu Civic Center.

photographer unknown

                                Healthy Snacks play an important roll at the Center.  Snacks refresh and supply the children with after school energy to continue learning and feel good.  Consider bringing boxes or bags of individual sized snacks of raisins, pretzels, chex mix, fruit etc. with you to donate at the meeting!

This meeting is also a good time to gather information and witness the impact of Women4Given.  You will be inspired in knowing that your contributions are being celebrated and multiplied through entire families and communities.

Please take time to renew your membership now.  As well as, inform and encourage other women about this charitable group of women  The minimum annual contribution is $365.  with a few options available for payment.  Dedications and gifts are always accepted.

God Bless You!

1 Timothy 6:18  They are to do good, to be rich in good works, be generous and be ready to share,

Spring Program – March 24

Spring Program – March 24

It’s time for our first program of the year! Join us at 6:30 p.m. on Tues., March 24 at Christ Church in Fairview Heights in the Kid Connection room (adjacent to the gym).

Shane and his familyShane Fast, director of Rebirth: ESL, will share how his organization has put our $5,000 grant to good use. You definitely won’t want to miss this inspiring report about what’s happening in East St. Louis!

Clean out your cabinets, garage, or basement because we’re collecting household goods for folks who need them! If you have spare like-new small appliances, home decor, bed/bath linens, or other extra household goods, please bring them along. Donations will be distributed to Rebirth: ESL and Welcome Home Ministry.

March 2014 event linda gerryAlso, mark your calendar with these other 2015 program dates:

May 19 – Grant Vote & Celebration
September 22 – Five-Year Anniversary Celebration
December 1 – End-of-Year Program

Locations and other details to be announced; information subject to change. For the most up-to-date information, log in to Facebook and “like” our page: www.facebook.com/w4given.

I Heard It through the Grapevine

We had a great group of women at our evening program this week! If you couldn’t be there, I’ll catch you up. We talked about one aspect of promoting Women4given: word of mouth.

tshirtAlthough we use some good marketing tools such as brochures and business cards, a web site and e-newsletter, and Facebook and Twitter, perhaps the best and simplest way to attract new members is by telling our friends and neighbors.

However, some of us have found that explaining Women4given is not always as simple as it seems. We came up with a quick, condensed “elevator talk” that hits the highlights of who we are and what we do. Everyone has a slightly different version, but my version goes like this:

Women4given is a giving circle, which means that we pool together our members’ contributions and give grants to charities that make a difference in the lives of women and children. I believe we can make a much greater impact together than we might as individuals. In the past four years, we’ve had the opportunity to give more than $66,000 to some great nonprofits. One of my favorite grants was a gift to ______________.

Women4given isn’t an elite organization or exclusive club. There is no secret handshake! We want to include every woman who wants to be involved, and we want our members to feel comfortable talking about Women4given with their friends.

Now, time for a POP QUIZ!

What do these numbers mean?

17        34        42        49

A.    They are my seventh grade locker combination.

B.     They are your seventh grade locker combination.

C.     They are W4G’s membership numbers in 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014, respectively.

The answer: C!

This is all to say that we are growing at an exciting yet manageable rate. Folks are bringing along their friends, sisters, and neighbors. With each passing grants season, our roots are growing deeper in the community and engaging more women.

God has blessed us with the ability to serve others. Thank you for telling your friends, daughters, sisters, and neighbors about Women4given. It’s going to be a great year!