Our Circle Grows Larger

As a tree shows its growth in rings, our circle shows its growth in giving.  We begin the next grant year with over $109,000. of giving and the inspiration we will give more.

With the start of this new season comes an opportunity to see our contributions in action with our next meeting being hosted by one of this years grant recipients –  Leu Civic Center at 213 N. Market St, in Mascoutah, September 27th, at 6:30pm.   We will be able to see children enjoying what the center offers as well as receive a tour of the ‘Homework Room’ and the Leu Civic Center.

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                                Healthy Snacks play an important roll at the Center.  Snacks refresh and supply the children with after school energy to continue learning and feel good.  Consider bringing boxes or bags of individual sized snacks of raisins, pretzels, chex mix, fruit etc. with you to donate at the meeting!

This meeting is also a good time to gather information and witness the impact of Women4Given.  You will be inspired in knowing that your contributions are being celebrated and multiplied through entire families and communities.

Please take time to renew your membership now.  As well as, inform and encourage other women about this charitable group of women  The minimum annual contribution is $365.  with a few options available for payment.  Dedications and gifts are always accepted.

God Bless You!

1 Timothy 6:18  They are to do good, to be rich in good works, be generous and be ready to share,

We Need You! (to be involved as much as you want)

We Need You! (to be involved as much as you want)

In Women4given, we want our members to be involved as much or as little as they want.

We are asking you to let us know how much you want to be involved during the 2015-2016 year by filling out this survey. There are three levels of involvement:

1. Financial Membership
Our membership requirements are simple: over the course of a year, give a dollar a day. Many of our members are involved at the financial level of membership, simply writing a check annually. Without these Financial Members we wouldn’t have the funds needed to give impactful grants.

Financial Members form the bedrock of Women4given’s structure.

2. Activity Membership
Some members are invested a bit more, giving their $365 per year as well as serving on the Program, Membership, or Communications Committees, participating in volunteer activities, or attending quarterly programs. Activity Members become informed about the needs in our community and accordingly give their time to serve agencies that help women and children.

Activity Members are the strong steel beams of which our walls are built, making internal growth and community impact possible.

3. Leader Membership
A number of members contribute to Women4given by leading. Leadership Members join or co-chair the Grants Task Force (which steers the annual grant-awarding process); lead Volunteer, Program, or Membership Committees; or serve three-year terms on the Board of Directors.

Leadership Members have the unique opportunity to work together as a team of architects, designing a giving circle that builds upon bedrock and coordinates steel beams—all to the glory of God.

essence and chrisPlease read the survey and send your response via our Contact Page. Membership Chair Linda Duncan looks forward to your response. We appreciate your taking the time to “declare a major” this season!

From volunteer activities to the Program Committee to Chaplain to Chair of Communications (and many more opportunities), there’s a place in Women4given just for you.

May = BIG Tuesdays

May is a big month for Women4given. The Grants Task Force, led by Bonnie Fahrner, has finished researching grant proposals and formulating a ballot of worthwhile projects for members to exercise their right to vote.

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Just remember that the important events this month will take place on Tuesdays – BIG Tuesdays!

Tuesday, May 6: Look for an e-mail message in your inbox from Women4given. This will contain a brief yet detailed description of the grant applicants and projects that will appear on the ballot.

Tuesday, May 13: Look for a message in your inbox that includes a ballot. If you do not plan to attend the 2014 Grant Vote & Celebration, you will have one week to consider the applicants on the ballot and cast your vote electronically.

Tuesday, May 20: Head over to President Marsha Heffner’s house for an evening of fun and fellowship! You will have the opportunity to vote in person. Before evening’s end, votes will be tallied and winners will be announced. Hooray!

Tuesday, May 27: Join us as we deliver a grant check to one of the winners, Publishers Clearinghouse-style. (Well, maybe not exactly like Ed McMahon would do it.) We’ve never done this before, but doesn’t it sound like fun? Time and location to be determined.

And that, my friend, is what BIG Tuesdays are all about!

For further details, please contact Emily Climaco.