Founders’ Reunion – Five-Year Flashback

In February 2010, a group of women gathered in Kathy O’Dell’s living room to hear her proposal for a new organization called a giving circle. O’Dell’s idea would include women from a variety of churches and Christian denominations united around a two-fold mission: to inspire generosity and to show Christ’s love by serving women and children.

Without the enthusiasm and support of these fifteen women, Women4given may not have come to fruition.

launch event picstitch
Founding members at the Women4given Launch Event, February 2011. Clockwise from top left: Mary Ann Turner, Christine Kirchoff, Ann Duncan, Wendy Smith, Valerie Thaxton.

The founding “Class of 2010″ includes: Lisa Camp, Deborah Clark, Emily Climaco, Ann Duncan, Marsha Heffner, Gail Johnson, Christine Kirchoff, Heidi Klein, Kathy O’Dell, Mim Phillips, Jenny Schroeder, Wendy Smith, Valerie Thaxton, Mary Ann Turner, and Gail Witter.

bethlehem coffee
Thanks a latte!


On the five-year anniversary this month, Women4given’s current Board of Directors held a reunion at The Coffeehouse in O’Fallon, Illinois, to honor and thank these founders for their invaluable contribution.

As one woman remarked, “It’s a God thing,” and we are deeply grateful for God’s blessing on our first five years.

So let’s raise our lattes to the next five years of serving and giving — together!

brochure cover 2
Founding members, from left: Marsha Heffner with a youngster at the Christian Activity Center, Kathy O’Dell, Emily Climaco