Ways to volunteer:

March 30th 3:30-7:15pm
Restore Network Parent Night Out

Volunteer to hold babies or help in our “Story Corner” for 3-5 year olds, or craft area. Foster parents will be having a much earned few hours to rest and relax. Pizza, snacks and drinks will be provided for volunteers. Event held at Faith Family Church, 704 N Greenmount Rd, Shiloh. Contact Debbie Dodt- debbie7780@yahoo.com or (618)616-5475 ┬áSign up HERE

January-April (ongoing)

Reading with preschoolers: A chance to stimulate a child’s love for reading the first Thursday of the month in Ms. Kohnen’s preschool class at Illini Elementary School. A short time commitment and a great chance to invite a friend to come with you. Meet for coffee before or lunch after your reading time. First Thursday of the month AM class is 10:20-10:35. PM class is 1:50-2:05pm. Arrive 10 minutes early to check in at the office. Contact Debbie Dodt to add your name to the schedule. (618-616-5475) ┬áSign up HERE

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