Who We Are

Women4given is a giving circle that awards grants to non-profits changing the lives of women and children. Our members combine their contributions and to make a greater impact.

Our Mission: We encourage generosity to serve women and children in Christian love.

We fulfill our mission by:

  1. Educating our members about the needs in our community through our programs, sharing articles on Facebook, our website, and email newsletters.
  2. Granting large impact grants to nonprofits who are meeting the needs of women and children.
  3. Serving our community by participating in volunteer opportunities.

Our Membership: We have only two requirements: pay your annual membership of $365 and vote on how it’s given back to the community. There are no fundraisers. We are a volunteer democracy. Those who have time, give it. Those who don’t are not judged.

Our name:

The number 4 in our name reflects the four key principles of our Christian faith upon which our circle was founded:

1) We are all sinners

2) We are saved by the grace of God found in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ 3) We love God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength

4) We love our neighbor

Our Women4given Board of Directors:


President: Jann Gillingham

Vice President: Linda Belvin

Treasurer: Bonnie Fahrner

Secretary: Theresa Cavalier

Debbie Dodt

Jacque Hart

Chris Phillips

Our history:

Our Founder’s Story

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